Pension & Benefits New Hours

Pensions and Benefits have new hours for in-person consultations and phone hours. Click here for more info

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Health Benefits Member Handbooks NJ Direct, Aetna and HMO Plans

Wondering if your health plan covers a procedure or service? Access the various health benfit member handbooks for Aetna, NJ Direct, Horizon and Aetna HMOs here:

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Fact Sheet #40 State Police Retirement System Death Benefits

Click on the link to view Fact Sheet #40. It provides information on the two benefits payable, a monthly pension and group life insurance.
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Beneficiary Information

For those retirees who haven’t updated, or need to update beneficiary information, now is the time to review it. Make sure that your named beneficiary information is current and up-to-date, especially with the State of NJ and the Division of Pensions & Benefits.

Also, please make sure that you have named a contingent beneficiary. If you cannot think of a family member to name, please think about those organizations that you are associated with such as:
Churches, Armed Services, Knight of Columbus, Charities, Hospitals, Universities and Colleges, and last but not least, you may want to consider the Former Troopers Association.  It is EXTREMELY important that you have a contingent beneficiary listed.

I know that all retirees list their spouses as their primary beneficiary. However, if a contingent beneficiary is not named and both you and your spouse should happen to die at the same time, same day, then the State of New Jersey will enjoy spending your life insurance money.

Please review your beneficiary information on a regular basis.  This information can be viewed and updated through your Members Benefits Online System, (MBOS), account.

If Change of Beneficiary forms are needed, they can be accessed through the Pensions and Benefits website: link to info  If you need assistance, please contact me at (609) 649-3221, or email me at  When emailing, please remember to include your badge number, address, and telephone number in the event I need to contact you.

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Change of Address???

Please be sure to notify the Former Troopers Association at 609-588-8323 if you have a change of address, telephone number or email. This ensures that renewal forms, and other information reaches you.

If you do change your address you should notify Pensions and Benefits as well, at 609-292-7524, so that they can update your records. If your pension check is electronically deposited into your bank account and you change banks, or get a new bank account, you also need to contact them with the updated information.

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Have a specific question? You can post it here and get an answer! Have a specific topic you would like more information about? Post it here and I will see what we can do! Want to contact me directly? Email me at or call me at 609-649-3221.

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Websites of Interest

State of NJ
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Division of Pensions and Benefits
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Division of Taxation
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Social Security
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Medicare and You
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Health Information for Older Folks
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National Do Not Call Registry
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State Police Retirement System (SPRS)

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Medicare Part D Enrollment

Effective January 1, 2012, retired members of the State Health Benefits Program (SHBP), who are eligible for Medicare, will be automatically enrolled in Express Scripts’ Medicare Part D prescription drug coverage, the Express Scripts Medicare Prescription Plan.

Express Scripts will remain the prescription drug plan administered for these retirees and coverage in the Express Scripts Medicare Prescription Drug Plan is similar to the current Express Scripts plans – i.e. members pay the appropriate co-payment for either a retail or mail order prescription drug order.

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