NJSP Former Troopers Association.

Once a Trooper, Always a Trooper

About the Former Troopers Association

The Mission of the Association of Former New Jersey State Troopers, Inc., is to continue the camaraderie of retired Jersey Troopers while offering the combined knowledge, experience, and moral support of its members to former Troopers and the New Jersey State Police. Since its early days, the Association has grown to become an advocate for its members and survivors, seeking to preserve and improve benefits in an everchanging economy. It has continued to support the State Police, not only in carrying out its mission in the law enforcement field, but also to maintain that tradition of "State Police Family," by supporting the many social functions that are intended to reinforce that spirit. The Association maintains the belief that "Once a Trooper, Always a Trooper" is paramount, and although retired or separated from State Police service, we are all still a part of "The Outfit."

While not all inclusive, the following depicts the support and assistance afforded Association Members towards achieving maximized results for our State Police Family:

  • Support and assistance of retiree pension and health benefits.
  • Support of family assistance in times of need.
  • Support of college education assistance programs for the families of our members.
  • Support of the Surviving Spouse Program to assist those survivors left behind.
  • The Establishment and Support of the State Police Visitation Program to keep those hospitalized and homebound members in the fold.
  • The Establishment and Support of the NJSP Memorial Columbarium and Courtyard preservation, sacred ground where many are interred.
  • Support of our State Police Military Veterans in honor those who serve in our armed forces to preserve our freedoms.
  • Support of our State Police Museum and Learning Center, and the many monuments that honor our members.
  • The Establishment and Support of the Association's Internet web site and periodic newsletter True Blue & Gold, affording members timely information.
  • The Sponsorship and Support of the New Jersey State Police and all Jersey Troopers.
  • The Establishment, Support and Protection of our State Police and Association Trademarked Logo merchandise.
  • Support of the law enforcement community by offering the combined experience and police knowledge of our members, Jersey Troopers.