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Association of Former New Jersey State Troopers

Established in late 1959, and incorporated in the State of New Jersey as what’s known as a 501(c)(7), “Fraternal, Social Organization,” the Association’s purpose was and remains to: (a) promote the preservation of friendship and loyalty among the members; (b) promote an active interest in good government and Civic affairs; to inspire respect for law; to promote patriotism; to work for and encourage high standards for the betterment of law enforcement agencies; and (c) to promote and further the interests of the New Jersey State Police organization.

Fraternal gestures of aid and consolation during times of need have always been our standard; but underlying everything is our belief that “Once a Trooper, Always a Trooper” is paramount, and although retired or separated from State Police service, we are all still part of “The Outfit.

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In Memoriam

Staff Sergeant Bryan U. McCoy
EOW: 2019
Trooper I Robert E. Nagle
EOW: 2018
Lieutenant William G. Fearon
EOW: 2016
Trooper Frankie L. Williams
EOW: 2016
Trooper Sean Cullen
EOW: 2016
Trooper Eli McCarson
EOW: 2015
Trooper Anthony Raspa
EOW: 2015
Trooper James G. Hoopes
EOW: 2012
Trooper Anthony R. Fotiou
EOW: 2011
Trooper Marc K. Castellano
EOW: 2010
Trooper Bertram T. Zimmerman III
EOW: 2004
Trooper I Christopher S. Scales
EOW: 2002
Trooper Scott M. Gonzalez
EOW: 1997
Trooper II Francis J. Bellaran
EOW: 1996
Trooper Marvin R. McCloud
EOW: 1995
Trooper Thomas J. Hanratty
EOW: 1992
Sergeant Theodore Moos
EOW: 1987
Detective I Albert J. Mallen
EOW: 1985
Trooper William L. Carroll, Jr.
EOW: 1984
Trooper Carlos M. Negron
EOW: 1984
Trooper Edward R. Errickson
EOW: 1984
Lieutenant Lester A. Pagano, Sr.
EOW: 1983
Trooper John P. McCarthy
EOW: 1982
Trooper II Philip J. Lamonaco
EOW: 1981
Detective Thomas A. Dawson
EOW: 1973
Trooper Werner Foerster
EOW: 1973
Trooper Robert Merenda
EOW: 1971
Trooper Marienus J. Segeren
EOW: 1971
Trooper Russell J. Moesta
EOW: 1970
Trooper Robert J. Prato
EOW: 1969
Trooper Thomas W. Kavula
EOW: 1968
Trooper Anthony Lukis, Jr.
EOW: 1966
Trooper Arthur J. Abagnale, Jr.
EOW: 1962
Trooper Joseph P. DeFrino
EOW: 1962
Trooper Milan Simcak
EOW: 1962
Trooper Raymond P. Fiola
EOW: 1962
Trooper John W. Staas
EOW: 1961
Trooper Hilary Welenc
EOW: 1959
Trooper Ronald E. Gray
EOW: 1958
Trooper Finley C. Fuchs
EOW: 1957
Trooper George R. Dancy, Jr.
EOW: 1956
Trooper John Anderson
EOW: 1955
Sergeant Frank A. Trainor
EOW: 1953
Trooper Joseph C. Walter, Jr.
EOW: 1952
Trooper Joseph D. Wirth, Jr.
EOW: 1951
Trooper Stanley A. Conn, Jr.
EOW: 1951
Trooper Emil J. Bock
EOW: 1951
Trooper Walter R. Gawryla
EOW: 1950
Trooper Charles Kopf
EOW: 1948
Sergeant Cornelius A. O'Donnell
EOW: 1945
Trooper Francis R. O'Brien
EOW: 1944
Trooper William J. Doolan
EOW: 1944
Trooper John I. Gregerson
EOW: 1941
Trooper Walter B. Otte
EOW: 1940
Trooper Vincent Vosbein
EOW: 1938
Trooper Matthew McManus
EOW: 1938
Trooper Joseph Perry
EOW: 1937
Trooper Warren G. Yenser
EOW: 1935
Trooper James Scotland
EOW: 1935
Trooper James R. Herbert
EOW: 1932
Trooper John J. Ressler
EOW: 1932
Trooper Michael J. Beylon
EOW: 1932
Trooper Leonard P. McCandless
EOW: 1931
Trooper Peter W. Ignatz
EOW: 1931
John D. Divers
EOW: 1930
Trooper John Madden
EOW: 1929
Trooper Peter Gladys
EOW: 1928
Trooper David Z. Ernst
EOW: 1927
Trooper First Class Joseph A. Smith
EOW: 1927
Trooper Walter Arrowsmith
EOW: 1926
Trooper Herman Gloor, Jr.
EOW: 1926
Trooper Charles E. Ullrich
EOW: 1926
Robert E. Coyle
EOW: 1924
Trooper William H. Marshall
EOW: 1923

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Our Mission

The Mission of the Association of Former New Jersey State Troopers, Inc., is to continue the camaraderie of retired Jersey Troopers while offering the combined knowledge, experience, and moral support of its members to former Troopers and the New Jersey State Police. Since its early days, the Association has grown to become an advocate for its members and survivors, seeking to preserve and improve benefits in an everchanging economy. It has continued to support the State Police, not only in carrying out its mission in the law enforcement field, but also to maintain that tradition of "State Police Family," by supporting the many social functions that are intended to reinforce that spirit. The Association maintains the belief that "Once a Trooper, Always a Trooper" is paramount, and although retired or separated from State Police service, we are all still a part of "The Outfit."
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The N.J. Former Troopers Heritage Foundation, Inc. is dedicated to providing financial assistance to the families of retired and deceased Jersey Troopers and to the New Jersey State Police, as well as making benevolent contributions to other public and private charities.
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