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Sponsorship in any medium offers readers the opportunity to review and consider goods and services via paid advertising. Your interest in becoming a sponsor on our publications is very important to us, our membership, and the general public. As such, we are currently accepting annual advertising on both our “public” and “members only” web sites and within our periodic newsletter, True Blue & Gold, all for one low price. Web site advertising will consist of your business card, which will contain a hyperlink that opens to your business web site or social media address. The True Blue & Gold periodic newsletter will also contain a half-page advertisement that should also include your business web site or social media address for hyperlinking. Newsletter annual advertisements will be posted in three consecutive issues of the publication.

Advertising will only be approved to those individuals and enterprises that embrace the Mission and Values of the Association of Former New Jersey State Troopers and promotes commercial goods and services towards the benefit of its members.

Annual Advertising is $300; Rear Cover Full-Page Annual Advertising is $1000. Please submit the form below for consideration. We will contact you to further discuss your anticipated advertising.