State Police Group Life Insurance Benefit

Also, were you aware that as a retiree, you have a LIFE INSURANCE BENEFIT through the State of NJ? This life insurance benefit is provided through Prudential and the benefit is equal to 50% of the last year of your salary. This benefit is payable to the individual(s) you listed at time of enrollment. For many, this was a very long time ago and the person(s) you originally listed as beneficiary may no longer be around, or your life circumstances have changed and the beneficiary should be changed. Again, if you have a MBOS account, you can see who you have listed as beneficiary, and if it needs to be changed, you can do it right online. If you do not have an MBOS account, you can download a change form from Pensions website here:
link to info

If you do not have computer access, you will need to contact Pensions and Benefits at 609-292-7524 and have them send you a form to change.

For more information regarding this benefit and the Certificate of Group Life Insurance, click here:
link to info

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