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Memorial Columbarium

Greetings, and welcome to the New Jersey State Police Memorial Columbarium Database. This platform was developed by the Association of Former New Jersey State Troopers, Inc. (FTA), and the N.J. Former Troopers Heritage Foundation, Inc. (Heritage Foundation), as a unique tool to identify the location of every individual whose cremated remains are interred therein, Jersey Troopers and their Spouses.

The Columbarium Database is readily available via a 'Quick Response' or QR Code found on the FTA and Heritage Foundation websites and at various locations at the Memorial Columbarium and Courtyard. When scanned, the QR Code will take you directly to our Columbarium Database where you can easily search for the location of individuals interred therein by Badge # or their Last Name. If you are unable to access the Columbarium Database via the QR Code, please access our link at: https://www.ftanjsp.org/columbarium/, or visit the NJSP Museum and Learning Center during normal hours for assistance. Upon selecting an individual, simply click on their name to view their photograph, State Police Badge, and a brief bio on their State Police Career, as well as their interred Spouse. Lastly, click on the blue Niche identification number to view their location within the Columbarium.

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To locate an urn, search by badge number or by last name:


Active and Former New Jersey State Troopers in good standing with the New Jersey State Police and their spouses are eligible to apply to reserve a final resting place within the columbarium.

For more information, see the Application for Interment in the NJSP Memorial Columbarium